Frequently Asked Questions

You are assured of utmost security with NotchHR. My Xalary is NDPR and GDPR compliant. We invest heavily in security – time & money, to prevent hacks and breaches. Also, to ensure all ends are always tightly protected. You will never lose a letter/number in data nor a kobo; we have not lost any.
NotchHR was designed to help business owners simplify HR processes so whether you have 3 or 3,000 employees, the software is your go-to solution.
NotchHR costs nothing for installation nor subscription. We make money by sharing transfer charges with our 3rd party payment partners. Therefore, for you to enjoy NotchHR for free, we insist that you use our payroll module to pay salaries of your employees.
Salaries, Pensions and Taxes can be remitted in 4 clicks, while disbursements to staff and respective entities are automated by NotchHR. You also get receipts and history records via NotchHR.
You only need to sign up, upload staff information and complete a billing setup. Subsequently, payroll becomes fun for you – in just 4 clicks. NotchHR is only available if you complete payroll on a monthly basis. Without completing a payment setup and running payroll, users would be deactivated.
This typically depends on the billing method you prefer. We have a same day charge and disbursement option for payroll size of about 10Million Naira. Otherwise, payment options are T+1 (payment day plus one); your employees wake up to alerts the next morning after payment.
NotchHR can be integrated with clients’ favorite software. However, negotiations about APIs and resources would require further discussions.
Our 3rd party payment partners charge you an infinitesimal amount which is about what you pay for bank transfers. In all, you have an entire HR software for a transfer fee – quite exciting.
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