HR & People Software

Affordable, All-in-One HR Software, for all business sizes.

HR & People Software

Affordable, All-in-One HR Software, for all business sizes.

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Payroll & Payments

Payroll shouldn’t take hours. No matter the size of your team; run your payroll seamlessly and pay your employees in real-time with NotchHR.


From creating and publishing job adverts, down to employee onboarding, Recruitment on NotchHR is a 360 degree recruitment solution.

Performance Management

With the NotchHR Performance feature, you get actionable insights, making it easier than ever to identify areas for employee improvement.

Leave Management

Affords organizations of any size, industry or sector the platform to manage leave application and approval without any hassle.

Attendance Management

Obtain a clear picture of labor hours, costs, and profits. NotchHR saves you time by integrating directly with your payroll.

Talent Management

NotchHR succession planning feature helps you develop potential successors to take up key roles in the organization.


Your employees can clock in and out from the comfort of their phones via NotchHR Mobile App. They simply need to download the app on their devices to get started. To avoid employee foul play or any funny business, our geo-tagging feature captures the location of your employees when they clock in or out.


The days of using books to manage work are over. Your employees can now easily make requests, and approvals can be given with our intuitive interface.


Usher employees into the cashless economy with Wallet & Utility. Save, Spend, Budget and track your expenses with NotchHR Wallet & Utility.


A platform to learn and grow. We have over 100 free courses, and you are free to upload courses of your choice to suit your needs. 

Grievance & Disciplinary

With this feature, you get to efficiently address issues promptly and professionally, promoting a fair, compliant, and healthy environment.

Salary Advance

A credit system that ensures employees don’t experience rainy days. Employees can get up to 3x of their salary and pay back in flexible installments.


Craft a dynamic workforce through strategic talent development. Identify and nurture top performers, ensuring a seamless transition into their new roles.

Salary On Demand

Long monthly pay cycles can be challenging for employees. For most employees, bills and emergencies don’t wait for payday. With the NotchHR Salary-On-Demand feature, employees get access to their earnings, whenever they need it, based on how many days they have worked.



The NotchHR Chats feature enables seamless communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing within your organization.

Exit Management

Invest in a graceful farewell, and watch it blossom into stronger employer branding and lasting loyalty, even beyond the final exit interview.

Learning & Development

Streamline training requests, scheduling, and planning from a single platform. See how many employees are enrolled in each course, gauge overall engagement…

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